Budget Hack Your Dream Trip

How to use budhet hacks to travel the world

Just so you know, this course will teach you all the basics you need to book that perfect trip yourself. Skip all the googling on ’10 steps how to book flights’ or ‘where to find the best hotels’. This is your quick go to guide.

And not your typical one at that! Did I mention that this course is absolutely free?

Your Instructor

Annemarie Strehl
Annemarie Strehl

It had to happen, after ditching the 9-5 for a prolonged break, Annemarie's wokaholic tendencies led her to start a daily blog about her adventures. Realising how much travel has helped rebuild her confidence and and general #GirlBoss-iness, Travel on the Brain became a hub for kick ass women who need a little push to follow their dreams - no matter if it's at home or out in the world. You are worth it!

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